Did You Know? Part 2

Did you know (medicine, surgery, human health)The oldest patients

The oldest patient, who had undergone surgery at the age of 111 years 105 days, is James Henry Brett (born June 25, 1849; died February 10, 1961) Huston, Texas, USA. He had an operation on his hip November 7, 1960.

In England, Mary Wright (born February 8, 1862) died during an operation in Boston, Lincolnshire, April 22, 1971 at the age of 109 years 53 days.

The medication

The largest reported number of pills taken by the patient is equal 528 064 pieces. That is how much took from June 9, 1967 to January 31, 1987 K.A. Kipner(born 1926) in Binder, Zimbabwe, after successfully undergone surgery for pancreatic cancer May 26, 1966.

The injections

Up to May 1987 the patient with diabetes, Evelyn Ruth Winder (born 1921) Invernagal , New Zealand, has made herself 58,568 insulin injections .

The largest number of surgeries

Dr. M.K. Modi , a pioneer of mass ophthalmic surgery in India, since 1943 produces up to 833 operations daily on the cataract. By January 1987 he made 564,834 such operations.

Dr. Robert McClure (b. 1901) Toronto during his career has made 20,423 large operations for the period 1924 to 1978.

Joseph Askuch  (born 1935), Nottingham December 9, 1986 moved his 337  operation  (a tumor removing).  His throat tumors, which impeding of breathing, first appeared in the age of 18 months.

March 2, 1977 Caer Jenksnon Jacks (born 1914) Hoven, Denmark, had been issued from the hospital after the removal of 32,131 thorns within 6 years and 248 visits to the hospital. In 1967, he slipped and fell into a pile of thorny branches of the barberries in his garden and later in an unconscious state was hospitalized. Since then the thorns still go out through the skin of his legs.

The longest surgery

The longest surgery was an operation carried out to Gertrude Lewandowski. Procedure lasted 96 hours, from 4 to February 8, 1951. The patient had a bad heart, so surgeons had to show greatest caution.

The most expected surgery

The most anticipated surgery is surgery on the legs Doreen Scott, Derby, England. She was expected it from March 10, 1952 to November 20, 1981 – 19 years and 8 months.

The longest use of the artificial lung

The longest case of using an artificial lung was the case with Ms. Laurel Nisbet (born November 17, 1912) La Crescendo , California, died August 22, 1985. An artificial lung served her for 37 years and 58 days. It was always attached to a patient from June 25, 1948.

In England, the longest period of using an artificial lung – 30 years (from 1949 to 1979) – was the case with Dennis Atkin in the hospital, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Munchausen syndrome

Thus doctors named an exceptional rare disease, which lies in the fact that a patient wants constantly be subjected to medical treatment. The most extreme case was recorded in Ireland.

William McEnroe (r.1906) during his 30-year “career” as a patient cost the National Health Service approximately £ 8 million. Over this period he underwent 23 big operations, was lying in 68 different hospitals under 22 different names. The longest period during which he was out of the hospital was 6 months.

Wonderful healing happened in 1979 when that Irish the last time put chamber pot, and finally said that he tired of the hospitals. Then he withdrew to Birmingham Nursing Home, where is now going to break the record of longevity.

The surgical Instruments

The largest surgical instruments are tools for abdominal surgery, issued by Abbey, Gingforde , Essex, in 1968. Their weight is 11 lbs. Some of the bronchoscopes  tongs reach the 60 centimeters in length.

Elliott’s instruments for ophthalmic surgery is the smallest. Some of these have a blade diameter of 0.2 cm and the length of the end of the cross linker equal 0.3 mm.

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans for tomorrow”

Foregoing can be safely attributed to Ms. Winona Mindred Malik (born October 22, 1876), California, which wanted to finish his earthly path at the age of 46 being ill with cancer. After that she underwent four surgeries (in 1918, 1933, 1966 and 1968.) and died of pneumonia 67 days later, after her 105th Birthday.

The only true curative gas

Discovery in the end of XVIII century several hitherto unknown gases has caused so much excitement in society that in Bristol (England) was founded “Pneumatic Institute” to study the medicinal properties of gases. The Inspector of the Institute has been invited the famous chemist, G. Davey. But the expectations of the founders of the Institute have been deceived. “Of all the gases – said Davy, – the true remedy proved only one: natural fresh air …”

Weep for your health!

Why do women live longer than men.  There are many hypotheses but according to Dr. William Frey of the Ramsey Medical Center in St. Paul (Minnesota, USA), the main reason that women are … cry more. Frey has subjected chemical analysis of the tears and found that moisture which protruding in the eyes while cutting onions or in a smoky room, is unlike tears of disappointment, despair, or sadness. The last has a toxic agent that accumulates in the body and causes to unpleasant consequences if you do not give way to tears, and restrain them. So, if you want to cry – weep for your health!

Lucky women!

It was found that men which actively drink coffee significant increase their cholesterol level in blood. But not for women! In the “cholesterol” regard especially vulnerable is young men aged between 18 to 24. Every cup of this flavored beverage increases their cholesterol by 4.2 mg. But even if the men at the age decides to drink five cups a day of strong coffee, they can’t avoid the additional risk.

What is the difference between doctors and lawyers?

One time this question was asked in a friendly company the famous German physician R. Virchow (1821-1902). “The doctor’s incomes are less – immediately said the scientist – because lawyers receive fees from both the living and the dead, and doctors – only from the living.”