Interview With Emergency Surgeon

emergency surgeonRobert Wendell is 34 years old. He works as a surgeon in the emergency hospital. For him, every day is the salvations of lives. And he relates to this with great responsibility and duty.

How did you decide to become a doctor?

My parents are doctors. My uncle is also a doctor, so decision to become a doctor came by itself.

What is the complexity  of  the surgeon work?/ What is the complexity of the surgery?

It’s a maximum great psychological and physical stress and sleepless nights of course.

What have you achieved in surgery?

I believe that I’m a good surgeon. And it’s not just my opinion. I think I’m quite successful.

What is your work-schedule?

I work from 8 a.m. till 3:30 p.m. in the emergency hospital every day. Plus I have night shifts.

In every specialty and profession the experts are not hurry to share their experience. Is it actual for the doctors as well?

Yes, it’s partly truth. But, I am lucky that my father was helping me and continues to share his experience with me. Experience is the most invaluable thing for a man.

And what about you? Do you share your  own experience with interns?

Yes, I do. If I see that a person wants to acquire the  knowledge , and I see a desire for it, I help a young surgeon or intern with pleasure. As not only my father, but other doctors in the department, where I was held an internship were teaching me a lot. And  professors  by seeing my sincere interest were devoting me more time.

How many surgeons are present at the operation?

At least two surgeons are present at the surgery  operation.

How often do you have the operations?

Today, for example, I operated on three patients. On average, ten operations are obtained.

What is the most typical surgical intervention?

The most frequent pathology  is appendicitis, of course.

What is the easiest operation?

When one  surgeon was asked what is the most easy surgery for him, he said, that it’s acute appendicitis. When he was asked about the most difficult operation, he said appendicitis. Because appendicitis is the chameleon of the abdominal cavity. It may hide under the mask of  any other pathology.

What is the most common age of the patients complaining of appendicitis?

The vast majority is young people under 35.

How long do you prepare the patient for surgery?

It depends on the kind of surgery. Some pathology requires preoperative preparation, the other does not. Sometimes we have to operate on patient within two-three hours.

And what you do when realize that the situation gets out of control or if you need to make a decision and you don’t  know what to do?

Usually I stop for 30 seconds, think and go on …. all turns out.

Who is present in the operating room except surgeons?

An anesthesiologist  ,a nurse, who introduces medication into the vein. There is also a surgical nurse, who gives instruments and one more nurse. There are 6 people minimum.

How many unfavorable outcomes during the operations?

Thank(s) God, I don’t have many of them. But, they happen sometimes, of course.

Do you feel yourself guilty?

I’ve heard a transmission with a well-known surgeon, who told a truth trivial for doctors. Every good doctor has his own… graveyard. Sometimes you come to understanding that a doctor makes a mistake because of lack of some knowledge or experience or something else.

How do you deal with guilt?

There is no special recipe for this. Probably this is a reason not so great life expectancy among the surgeons . It’s usually 60-65 years.

How do you shoot stress?

I like to play tennis. It helps me to relieve the stress.

If you can not save a patient you are the one, who tells his family and friends about the lethal outcome?

Yes of course. Unfortunately I have to do this.

How does a relatives respond to such information? Are they charge You?

I think there is no one, who  blame me but the reactions are different. It’s scream or cry mostly. But we always assess the situation before the surgery and always tell family the forecast of the operation.

Are you afraid of the sight of blood?

No, it never scared me. The only thing that scares me that the blood of patients can be infected with diseases. We prick ourselves with needles, cut with scalpels, sometimes the splashing of blood get into the eyes. That means, we are constantly in danger during the surgery.

I had one occasion when I cut my finger with a scalpel during the surgery on HIV-infected patient. I knew that he was HIV positive. And it happened by accident.

But nothing happens by chance…

I know. This situation is called “an accident with blood”. Since that day I had the therapy against AIDS. I was taking pills for a month. Then another 2 years I was regularly tested for HIV. But, thank God, I wasn’t infected.

How are the operating in hospitals equipped?

The equipment of operating is enough to make any emergency surgical intervention.

Did you feel any moments of disappointment in your profession?

Never. I like to understand  that I can help people.

How many operations should make a doctor to become a professional?

Considered that 8-10 years is enough to held as a good surgeon. But there is an opinion that surgeons with 10 years of experience allow for more mistakes than other surgeons because they believe that they  know everything already and pay less attention to trivia. This is dangerous.

What is happiness for you?

When I am relaxed and there is nothing to worry about. When life is full. When relatives are healthy. When you  save somebody’s life, or accurate to say, when you do your job good. This is a deep sense of satisfaction.

Do you believe in destiny, or think that everything is in your hands?

Everything is in our hands.

What is your motto?

To me the words of Churchil are close recently: “Never, never, never give up.”

What recommendations, as a surgeon can you offer to our readers?

The active and healthy lifestyle . No smoking, no drugs, less alcohol. I would like to say to all readers, if you want to achieve a certain result in your profession or sport, you must work, work and work! And only this way you will be succeed.