The Surgeon Who Removed His Own Appendix

surgeonsIn 1921, Dr. Evan O’Neill Kane held on himself an operation to remove appendicitis. It was the first surgeon who decided to held  such  operation. A few years before this operation, in 1919, he amputated one of his fingers which has been infected. He conducted this operation under the local anesthesia at the age of 60. In turn this attracted a lot attention of the media. Dr. Kane made this to test the sensation of a patient in terms of using in future reference of local anesthesia on patients in medical conditions that exclude using of  general anesthesia. And also he wanted to make sure that such a procedure is admissible to the patient. Kane assumed that the aether (standard general anesthetic at the time) was using too often and was more dangerous for the organism unlike to local anesthesia. Kane held an operation by using the mirrors, which allowed him to see his workspace. Incision  for appendicitis removal he made, was bigger than they are now, using modern methods of surgery. But Dr. Kane felt himself so good that the next day he was discharged home.

In another case, in 1932 at the age of 70, Kane removed his hernia by using a local anesthesia. Hernia appeared as a result of accident while horse riding, which occurred six years earlier. The operation was performed in Kane Summit Hospital at presence of reporters, including the photographer. This operation was more dangerous than the previous one because of the risk of puncturing the femoral artery. The operation has lasted 1 hour and 55 minutes.