Did You Know? Interesting Facts About Medicine. Part 3

Did you know (medicine, surgery, human health)

How many days can be artificially prolong pregnancy after the death of mother’s brain?

In the history of medicine there are many cases when after the brain death of a pregnant woman by illness or accident in her body artificially maintained life, ensuring this way normal development and birth of the baby. Record breaking of such an extension of pregnancy period are 107 days and the smallest period of pregnancy after which artificially maintained life of mother with dead brain with a successful outcome for the child are 15 weeks.

What insects can be used to treat cutlines instead of surgical sutures?

Stingers of ant’s genus Dorylus which live in Africa are so powerful that native population uses them for surgical purposes in cuts. The ant which was caught, applied to the skin along the the wound and owing to a protective reflex it sinks its stingers into the skin thereby pulling off a cut.

From what until the 20th century were saving people by using the tobacco enemas?

As soon as the tobacco came from America to Europe smoking started actively applied as medicine of various diseases. Inhalation of tobacco smoke in the lungs was not the only way of use, popular method of treatment  have become tobacco enemas moreover such procedure Europeans have adopted  from the Indians. The most widespread use of these enemas have found for rescue drowning – ostensibly the smoke penetrative in the internal organs warmed their bodies and return them to life. The tools for such procedures were necessarily included to the rescue kits, placed along the beaches of the Thames. Use of tobacco enemas gradually disappeared during the 19th century when began appear the evidence of nicotine toxicity.

What woman gave birth to an immortal cell line?

In 1951 American Henrietta Lacks was diagnosed with cervical cancer and that same year she died. Physicians at the hospital have taken samples of healthy and damaged tissues that came to the physician George Gay. He discovered an unknown before phenomenon: Lac’s cancer cells were able to survive and share countless times. They initiated the cell line HeLa, which has been used to create a vaccine against poliomyelitis, in cancer research, HIV, effects of radiation and a variety of other tests by scientists around the world. It is estimated that since then were cultivated more than 20 tons of cells HeLa, which exceeds the weight of Henrietta during the life in 400 times.

The expense of what lives a man who has no pulse rate at all?

A person can function normally only if the blood will go through the vessels not like pushes but as continuous flow. This was proved by the doctors of American Craig Lewis dying of heart disease-his life couldn’t save even the electronic pacemaker. In the end patient’s heart was removed but connected to the device of another type helps the blood circulate continuously in his body. Lewis has lived for five weeks in a literal sense without pulse; his ECG all this time was showing a straight line. The cause of his death became liver failure due to the amyloidosis what was not connected with the embedded device.

How long after the expiration date medications can maintain its therapeutic effect?

According to studies by the U.S. Food Inspection and Drug Administration, about 85% of drugs retain their therapeutic effect long after the expiration date – some up to 15 years. However, their effectiveness over time may be slightly reduced, but much of the original capacity remains. Among the exceptions to this rule – nitro-glycerine, insulin and some liquid antibiotics.

Where lives the yogi who doesn’t eat and drink for more than 70 years?

Under the statement of Indian yogi and recluse Prahlad Jani he did not eat or drink since 1940, when he was 11 years old. Twice he was participated in extensive multi-day medical examinations under the clock surveillance he had been denied food and his contact with water was limited to rinsing of a throat and rare taking the bath. Examination in 2010 lasted for 15 days, and for all this time Jani never use the toilet although tests revealed the possibility of formation the urine in his bladder. It is worth noting that a considerable number of critics disagree with the observational results, impugning their objectivity and Indian physicians plan to continue their studying of yogi with the participation of foreign experts.

What drug was originally made as a medicine for children’s cough?

Many well known drugs were originally promoted as medicine. For example, heroin was brought to market in 1898 by the German company Bayer AG as a treatment for children’s coughs. Although after 15 years of the production in such status it has been stopped; even before 1971 it was possible to buy heroin in German pharmacies. Even more rich pharmacological history of cocaine: the numerous experiments in the second half of the 19th century gave reason for scientists to recommend it for anaesthesia and enhance endurance. Sigmund Freud after checking the properties of cocaine on himself propagandized it as a cure for depression, sexual disorders, syphilis and alcoholism. Freud argued that cocaine does not cause any addiction, but later it was disproved and gradually cocaine was banned in all countries.

What man has managed to survive with hypothermia of the body up to 13 ° C?

Hypothermia or overcooling of the body becomes fatal for the average person at a temperature below 28 ° C. The prolonged stay in such a state leads first to a dramatic slowing of motor and mental activity, heart rate and respiratory rate and then to denial of internal organs, and finally to refusal of the brain. However, in some cases people have survived at much lower cooling. The current record belongs to seven-year-old Swedish girl who nearly drowned in the ocean. When she was taken to the hospital thermometer showed a body temperature 13 ° C. According to the doctors, she was able to survive including due her age, because the developing brain is much better undergoes similar difficulties.