Did You Know? Interesting Facts About Medicine. Part 5

Did you know (medicine, surgery, human health)

What for a person needs an appendix?

During the last century in some countries in all children forcibly were removed the appendix in order to avoid of appendicitis in the future. Only recently have found that the appendix – is not a rudiment. It has an important role in the human immune system being a kind of refuge for microorganisms. When natural flora dies in the gut because of disease “reinforcement” comes from the appendix. On the other hand, today’s medicine can restore the intestinal flora with medication, so that function of appendix is insignificant.

Which category of cancer risk has assigned to solariums The International Agency of Cancer Research in the UN?

The International Agency of Cancer Research in the UN having analyzed various researches of different scientists for a long period of time decided to include the sunrooms to the highest cancer risk category. Besides tanning beds this category contains arsenic and mustard gas. Particularly there is a group of people up to 30 years which by visiting of solarium increase the risk of acquisition the melanoma almost doubled.

How people in white coats have promoted the first hamburgers in the U.S.?

Modern fast food industry has begun with U.S. Company White Castle which was opened in 1921 and began to make burgers. For attraction of buyers to outlandish meal have been used principles applied even today: sustainable price, purity and transparency (visitors can see how hamburgers are preparing). In addition, White Castle has engaged unconventional moves: for example, specially employed people in white coats in line created the impression that even the doctors are buying hamburgers.

How does one Australian had helped to save the lives of more than 2 million newborns?

74-year old Australian James Harrison for his life had donated blood almost 1,000 times. The antibody in his rare group of blood helps newborns with the heavy form of anemia to survive. Thanks to donation of Harrison according to approximate estimates succeeded to save more than 2 million babies.

What fishing bait is using successfully for healing wounds?

The larvae of blowflies – maggots are useful not only for fishing. They applied in many of medical centers in Europe and U.S. for the cleaning of wounds from dead tissues and suppurations. Larvae consume such places leaving the wound clean.

How does pigeons helps to physicians and drug dealers?

Nowadays homing pigeons are rarely used for the mail delivery but successfully cope with other tasks. For example in remote areas of England and France pigeons bring to the hospital a blood samples. Drug dealers are sending entire flocks of pigeons to deliver heroin from Afghanistan into Pakistan.

What Russian religious figure has achieved the preservation of his body after death?

Dashi-Dorzho Itigelov was the supreme lama of Russian Buddhists since 1911 to 1917. He died in 1927 while meditating in the lotus position. According to his will in 2002 sarcophagus with his body was opened.It was discovered that body does not have any decomposition and even has some properties of a living organism.

What spell does ancient Roman doctors considered healing?

The spell “abracadabra” was first mentioned in Seren Sammonik works who lived in the 2nd century and was a doctor of the Roman Emperor Caracalla. This word should be written on the amulet in a column 11 times, each time taking away the last letter. This entry should been gradually weaken the evil spirit and facilitate to recovery of the patient.

How to contact the word “bedlam” with the city of Bethlehem?

In 1547 was opened mental health clinic in London – Bethlem Royal Hospital, after the biblical town of Bethlehem. Its abbreviated name Bedlam became household name at the beginning – a synonym for madhouse, and later – word for extreme confusion and disorder.

What a coincidence led to the invention of Viagra?

In 1992 the pharmaceutical company Pfizer was conducted clinical research of its new drug – sildenafil citrate which was developed for treatment of heart diseases. Significant effect on the blood circulation of the heart muscle (myocardium) and blood pressure medication did not have. However, a lot of man who took part in the testing has refused to return the pills because noticed improving the quality of erections. Thus “Viagra” was invented.

What medicine has a side effect that can cause an orgasm?

The antidepressant clomipramine has a pleasant side effect. 5% of people taking it may experience an orgasm during yawning.

Who does tear out the teeth before the dentists?

Modern dentistry has very small age. During the middle Ages and part of 19th century, it was work of members of other professions mostly general profile doctors and hairdressers. Although all skills of hairdressers was manifested only in removing of teeth.

Where in the stores sell cow urine?

In India you can buy bottled urine of cows (the sacred animals in Hinduism). Shoppers drinks it, rubs into the skin, bathes children in it.

Where earlier was taken the material for artificial teeth?

During the rapid development of dentistry in the 17-19 centuries, one of the most popular sources for artificial teeth have been the teeth of fallen on the battlefield. The special quality of the material in the story came brand “Waterloo teeth”, because in that battle have been lost many young soldiers with healthy teeth.

How exactly Van Gogh cut off his ear?

Van Gogh cut off not the whole his ear, but only a piece of his lobe, which is practically not hurt. However, until now is widespread a legend that the artist amputated his entire ear. This legend has been even reflected in the characteristic of the behavior of a patient who operates himself or insist on a particular operation – it was called the Van Gogh syndrome.

For what purpose has been invented vibrator?

First vibrator has been invented in the late 19th century for the treatment of the so-called “uterine fury” (female hysteria) and worked on the energy of steam engine. Electric vibrator was offered on the market in the early 20th century and became one of the first electrified home appliances ahead of the vacuum cleaner and iron.

How antibiotics have been opened?

Antibiotics were discovered by accident. Alexander Fleming left a tube with staphylococcus without attention for a few days. There has grown the colony of mold fungi and began to destroy the bacteria and later Fleming has identified the active ingredient – penicillin.